Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sorry for Leaping Over 2011

I try to have at least one blog post a year, but I blinked and 2011 flew by without one :) I wasn't snoozing. It was an EPIC year. Here are the highlights:

  • I defended by dissertation and got my second doctorate, a PhD in Biomedical Informatics.
  • I became a dad!
  • I joined the workforce as research assistant professor at Vanderbilt

I am blessed and very thankful. I'm not complaining, but if I could ask for one thing, it would be to have more time for more applied geekery. I miss coding and server tinkering. I don't do it as much as before. Although, one can argue that raising a son and trying to keep his sponge brain adequately stimulated so he can learn to be a capable autonomous human is sort of like programming.

I am (a little bit) more active on Flickr, Tumblr, and Twitter. I do have a github account that I mostly use for private repositories. I hereby publicly pledge to write and share code there.