Thursday, May 22, 2008

White People and Bumper Stickers

Stuff White People Like

When a white person drives an older car (6+ years old) that has a resale value under $2000, they will coat the entire backside of the car in bumper stickers. Because of the abundance of space they are free to include stickers from all areas of white support: music, politics, the environment, insults to right wing politicians, and various movements that tell people to keep a city 'weird'.

But when white people have a nice new car such as a Prius or an Audi station wagon, the fear of losing resale value prevents them from applying more than one sticker. Therefore that one sticker must properly capture the essence of the car and the political views of the driver.

I feel lame... my choice of the one bumper sticker is WPLN... and it's hanging on an SUV...


cathryn said...

Ha! That SWPL blog is pretty funny! :)

Floaty Trancy Glassy said...

Yo Firas! Jesus...that documentary sounds like something I should look into. Good god, even the intro made me want to shoot myself a little....but in a good way. If there can even be a good way to shoot yourself? More like a 'must see to go ahead and stop being insanely focused on what I don't have and won't accomplish'. So, thanks! Hey, we'll hopefully see you at Bonnaroo!!! Word!!!