Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rambo Sambo is Nashville's Starbuck

That's a combined Roller Derby - Battlestar Galactica reference for ya. Yesterday, we blew away Atlanta 150-65. Rambo Sambo (ramb0 samb0) is my favorite athlete in Nashville. Fullstop. I love how she towers behind the other jammer when - rarely - she's behind and intimidates them. She did that with those tiny devils from Alabama. She also has great spirit and showmanship. I happened to be ringside in the second jam of the third period when she "pulled off" umm... a stunt. I was *gay voice* ecstaaaaatic! After the show my girlfriend, because she is the awesomest girlfriend in the world, asked her for a picture with me. This picture will hit the web soon

ps: I'm deliberately not blogging here about the shituation in Lebanon. I am not in the mood for negativity and comment wars.

pps: Here's the picture

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Floaty Trancy Glassy said...

Firas!! Hope you and Maggie have a super rest of the weekend! I can't believe I found you on here, I'm super new at this, woo!