Saturday, February 9, 2008

Wi Free Market Tip for Nashville

I have a mathematical-spatial brain that is good at detecting trends and patterns. I have stumbled upon a discovery that can make money to anyone with good taste and capital in our fair city of Nashville. I would have kept it to myself, but I don't have the time or capital. Plus, there is this small issue of a dissertation in progress. Ready? Here goes:

The Hillsboro / West End / Vandy / Belmont area is ready for more coffeeshops with wireless internet

Bongo Java is always full. Fido is worse with no wall outlets, a probably calculated move to keep a constant turn-around of "campers" (their word, not mine) who will eventually have to go somewhere to charge their batteries. JJ's is my favorite, but they suffer from poor lighting. They do have a lot of extension power cords. Their staff are awesome: friendly, laid back, and foregoing a lot of the pretensions that are requisites for high profile jobs like front men/women in the Bongo Java empire. No shticks, no hipster mullets or skinny jeans, no checking people out or dressing to be checked out... just a bunch of people typing away quietly on their laptops sipping on caffeinated beverages, or enjoying quiet conversations over excellent beer or tea. Also, unlike other places, they let you open a tap i.e. they don't see you as a one-transaction customer. There are others such as: Portland Brew, Frothy Monkey, Cafe Coco.

I'm not dissing the existing establishments. I am also realistic and aware that the dissertation writing, online-poker-playing, study-group forming crowd is only part of the market. You see all sorts of people there: chess playing geeks, post-church sunday brunch crowd, let's make our Saturday-night regular hookups public now crowd, music business folks, real estate business folks, and political meetings (so 2004 btw), awkward first meeting folks... These establishments are doing their best catering to everyone while making a decent profit. If you don your laptop backpack to Fido during weekend brunch time, then you either have Asperger Syndrome or are the kind of person who spends 2 hours making yourself look good-without-appearing-to-have-spent-that-much-time-on-your-looks before going out to "study".

I'm just saying, there is room for expansion. Demand is clearly more than supply. Trust me. You broadcast it (802.11g signal), and they will come.

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Jackson said...

I really liked Caffeine, but they went out of business. The Frothy Money and Portland Brew are good as well.

Bongo is my old stand bye, but I can't stand Fido (and as a result haven't been in years).

Of course, free WiFi is coming to Starbucks soon as a result of the move from TMobile to AT&T.