Sunday, January 27, 2008

My New Brain Extension

So I finally got it! It took around 10 days to build. It was shipped from HONG KONG last Saturday. It was in SOUTH KOREA on Sunday night, and in ANCHORAGE, ALASKA on Monday evening. When I went to bed on Monday, it was en route to some American airport. I thought that if I was lucky, I would get it by Wednesday. My roommate's estimate was gloomier, estimating the arrival on Friday. I woke up on Tuesday morning, and as usual, I tracked the package (which I had bookmarked). To my surprise, IT WAS OUT FOR DELIVERY! It landed in LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY a little after midnight, and was on a truck to NASHVILLE shortly thereafter. It arrived at dawn and was out to delivery. It was in my hands at 10:30am. I have to say that I'm really amazed by UPS. Thank you UPS!

My thoughts so far on the Lenovo IBM T61 Thinkpad: The screen resolution and image crispness is very good. I use 1680x1050 resolution. It did not ship with any recovery CDs. Thinkpads have this feature called ThinkVantage. They store the OS (in my case Xp Professional) and drivers and other utilities in a separate partition. You can boot from that partition and do various recovery and backup stuff. You can, if you want, wipe the active partition and restore it to factory settings (i.e. clean install of OS). I am not too comfortable with this setup. What if I buy a new hard drive? I think you can pay for the software to be shipped to you if you need to. I love the keyboard size and the rebound of the keys. The whole ThinkVantage(tm) suite of utilities seemed complicated at first but grew on me. The connection management stuff (wireless profiles etc.) were good enough for me to use instead of the native Windows applications. The 15.4" screen makes the whole thing heavy, but I am okay with it. Overall, I like it very much so far and would recommend switching to Lenovo from DELL like I did.

I am working on a post with all the software installs and customizations that I do for every computer I own.

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