Friday, December 14, 2007

Getting There

It's getting there. I think it looks like an information rich newspaper page. This may not be a bad thing if I want people to come back. The trick is to avoid clutter. Edward Tufte says there is no information overload, only bad design (not very accurate, recalling what I think I heard in his seminar).


  • Twitter Badge
  • Improve the Reader Feed Share on the left, maybe split it into categories. I would have to write my own code for that. For now, the clip code from GR should do. Another reason to write my own rendering code is so I can put the json call at the bottom of the page so it loads first then queries GR.
  • Stuff on the right besides archive and previous posts. Any thoughts? I'm thinking permanent categories like informatics, meerah, etc.
  • imp! insert backlink code in individual item pages

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